Meet our lovely cows.

Here's a little presentation we made for you to see.

Meet the Milkers behind.

Our tiny, yet passionate team of two fifteen year old buddies from DPS Mathura Road, New Delhi, India.

Founder & Lead Developer

Hasan Kamal

Lead Developer & Founder, MilkyWay

Manufactured in 1997, Hasan is the Founder and Lead Developer of the app team. He speaks English, Hindi, French, Java, HTML5 and CSS3. Hasan is the main powerhouse of the team and has a keen eye for clean code and great usability.

While not working, he can be found listening to 80's classics, playing FIFA and studying physics. Hasan is occasionally philosophical and is also known as hasankamal007 on the web.

If you've any query or just want to say hello, Follow him on Twitter or drop him a mail.

Creative Director

Prabhav Khandelwal

Creative Director, MilkyWay

Also built in 1997, Prabhav is the Creative Director of the app team. Extremely passionate about good design, he is the artist of our team. A total workaholic, his work is simple and intuitive, whilst having a unique aesthetic appeal to it. Professionally, a Web Designer (or front end developer, if you will), he can see beauty in even the simplest things around and is a loyal Manchester United supporter.

Being a minimalist at heart, he drops his jaws seeing good typography, taps his feet on House Music, pops out his eyes looking at nice websites, and is crazy about Responsive Web Design and simplicity.

Visit his personal site or high five him at Twitter or drop him a mail.

Fellow Milkmen We Love

A bunch of people we'd like to thank for their support & contributions to MilkyWay.